The Agile Security Forum


An Initiative to Address the
Information Security Gap

A Formative-Stage Industry-Collaborative Initiative

The Agile Security Forum is a broad-industry collaborative initiative in the formative stages. It is concerned with aligning internal security strategies (consisting of policy, procedure, and practice) with seven areas of generally ignored reality:

  • Creeping Agile business practices
  • Increasingly agile threat community
  • Natural human behavior
  • Natural organizational behavior
  • Increasing globalization
  • Increasing new-technology pace
  • Increasing systems complexity

We recognize that security strategy impacts individual and organizational productivity and goal priorities, and in so doing, is often inadequately designed and deployed, or often ignored or circumvented in actual daily decision making and practice. 

We seek an understanding of the misalignments with the natural forces of reality, and effective rationalized solutions that are in balance with business productivity and goal-attainment needs. 

Many such solutions can be implemented immediately without the need for technology, some can't. Many vulnerabilities and risks can be eliminated, others can be mitigated.

We seek to identify both technical and non-technical solutions,  develop principle-based fitness functions for both, and spark immediate deployment of rational strategies that don't need to wait. To this end, six frameworks are employed to guide knowledge and awareness development, and guide more effective solutions. 

The value: lower risk, lower vulnerability, higher trust, and immediate bottom-line cost reduction. 

Forum activities will begin when a critical mass of collaborators emerges.

Agile Security Forum, Box 289, Questa, New Mexico 87556, USA, 505-586-1536
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 Last modified: November 02, 2005